How do I set up a group?

You can create a group in seconds, just fill in the sign-up form and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, see How It Works for an explanation of creating a group and billing members of the group, or get in touch at help@groupay.co.uk.

How will I receive payment from my group members?

You can receive money via cash, cheque, online banking or via PayPal. We're also adding Direct Debit functionality in time for next season.

What happens to my money when I make an online transfer using GrouPAY? Is it safe?

Online payments are processed by PayPal making it safe to use and giving you security over your money. The money goes directly to the group leader's PayPal account.

Do I need a PayPal account to receive money?

No, you don't need to receive any money via PayPal. If you do want to, then you will need a PayPal account but it doesn't matter if you don't already have one, we'll help you set one up whenever you want.

Do all group members need PayPal accounts to make a payment via PayPal?

No. Group members can pay via PayPal using just their card details.

How much does it cost?

It's free to create a group and to collect and pay money by cash, cheque and bank transfer/online banking. If you choose you can also receive payments made by debit or credit card via PayPal, however, these transactions will incur PayPal fees - (for details, click here). Users will soon be able to pay via Direct Debit too which will be the cheapest and most convenient way to pay and receive money online.

I have a referral code, what do I do with it?

Just enter your referral code when you create your group and you will receive the relevant deal.

How does GrouPAY communicate with group members?

GrouPAY emails users when they have a new bill to pay. Our intelligent reminder system will then send them escalating reminders until they have paid.

Can I have more than one group?

Yes. You can create as many groups of members as you like in your account.

How can I get in touch if I have any further questions?

You can email us at help@groupay.co.uk and we will get back to you asap.

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