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What is GrouPAY?

GrouPAY is an innovative new way to collect money online. It is designed to help large clubs & societies, SMEs and individuals who regularly collect money from many people.

What does it do?

It saves users time stress and money by automating the whole money collection process and providing basic accountancy tools. You can create a group and start collecting money in seconds, try it today!

Where did the idea come from?

We founded GrouPAY after having experienced the pain of collecting and paying money for various different groups ourselves.

How does it work?

Once you've started a group you can add bills whenever necessary and we'll do the rest for you: sending reminders, keeping a track of who has and hasn't paid and facilitating payments online. For more detail see the "How it works" page.

Who uses GrouPAY?

So far mainly sports club but we're seeing more and more diversity in the groups that sign-up. We're now helping all sorts of clubs and societies as well as other small organisations and individuals collecting money for trips or events.

Why should you use GrouPAY?

Users so far have found three key benefits to the service. Using GrouPAY saves them a significant amount of admin on a regular basis, it leads to members paying much quicker, and for those that have problems with uncollected money, it has led to more people paying.

We are here to help so if you would like to know more don't hesitate to get in touch at help@groupay.co.uk any time.

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